How do I pay for my parking fees?

Any parking costs and service fees incurred will automatically be billed via your chosen payment method on a monthly basis.

At any time, you can tap ‘Activity’ at the bottom of your screen to view your parking history and transactions.

You can also assign notes to each individual parking action. This makes it easier to keep track of your parking actions for reference.

How and when do I receive my invoice?

Your parking costs and service fees will be billed to your chosen payment method on a monthly basis. You receive an invoice notification per e-mail with an overview and link to your electronic invoice. You can download your invoices at any time as pdf documents from your personal account in the app or website.

Business customer receive a VAT-deductible monthly invoice.

How do I find out the costs for each individual parking action?

Go to the app and tap ‘Activity’ at the bottom of your screen to see your parking history and the costs for each individual parking action. Each month, we’ll send you an invoice with an overview of all parking sessions.

Please contact our customer service team for any questions regarding your invoice or parking history.

When will the invoice amount be deducted from my bank account?

The invoice amount will be deducted from your bank account or credit card a few days after you receive your invoice.

Can I provide a different address for the invoice to be billed to?

The invoice address will be the same as provided during registration. For the car park access cards or stickers, a different shipping address can be provided.

How do I pay for outstanding invoices?

Please transfer the outstanding invoice amount to the following bank account, as it is not possible for us to collect payment again. We also kindly ask you to check your current payment details and update them if necessary.

Account holder: ParkNow GmbH

Bank: UniCredit Bank AG

IBAN: DE93 70020270 0015033370 | BIC: HYVEDEMMXXX

Purpose: invoice number

Alternatively, you can also pay for your outstanding invoice via direct transfer by clicking “Pay” in your account. As soon as we have received payment, we will update your user account accordingly.


Can I change the address of my invoice after it’s been issued?

Unfortunately, it is not possible for us to subsequently change the address given to an invoice that has already been issued. We ask for your understanding in this regard. If you have already adjusted the billing address in your user account, it will automatically be used for your next invoice.

How do I recognise and prevent fraud?


Sometimes people will pose as PARK NOW to obtain sensitive information or steal money. We cannot stop this, but we can help you recognise such actions, such as phishing and smishing, in order to prevent possible damage.

How do I recognise fraud?

Fraud comes in different forms and there are several ways to recognise it.

Questions about account information

Fraudsters often try to get your login details via phishing or smishing messages. Think of an email, sms or a phone call which uses the name of PARK NOW and asks for your details. PARK NOW never asks for sensitive information such as your bank details or your login details.

Questions about money

All of the costs you make at PARK NOW are processed in a monthly invoice, which is debited by automatic debit or credit card. We never ask you to transfer extra money. If in doubt, check the sender’s email address and bank account number (for direct debit). Or contact us directly.

  • Sender address used for invoices:
  • Account number: DE93 7002 0270 0015 0333 70

With phishing or smishing – fraud that uses a fake email address or sms – you will receive an email or sms similar to how an email or sms from PARK NOW appears, even though PARK NOW didn’t send it. We always send emails from addresses ending with Always check the sender’s email address.

The messages may also include links that seem correct at first glance, but do not go to a PARK NOW website at all. And if you did not expect an invoice but one was sent to you anyway, always contact us.

Language and style

While scammers are getting better at it, you usually still find some errors in the message. A spelling mistake, an old logo… All signs that indicate that it is fraud. Note that messages that look perfect can still be fraud. Therefore, always pay attention to all of the other points. The logo below is the latest PARK NOW logo and is used in our communication.


Social media

False messages can also be spread via social media. Therefore, check whether the messages on social media really come from our Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Whatsapp. These are our accounts:

Experienced fraud? Report it to us!

Do you think you received a message from a scammer, or is someone using your account who does not have permission to do so? Report this immediately to customer service. Even if you see something suspicious and have doubts, we would really appreciate it if you share it with us. You can always contact customer service for this.

We are happy to help you and will do everything we can to get you back on the road without any worries.

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