What is mobile parking?

Mobile parking is the cashless and ticketless handling of parking actions on-street. Instead of searching for change and a parking meter, you can now simply start and end your parking action at the touch of a button with the PARK NOW iOs app / Android app or through a simple phone call or SMS.

What is PARK NOW?

PARK NOW redefines parking. Our aim is to achieve easy and stress-free parking, without the hassle of finding change to pay for your parking, be it on- or off-street. With the help of our PARK NOW app, you can find parking close-by and pay without having to use cash.

Furthermore, you can activate and end your parking action with the touch of a button. No longer will you need to make a detour to find parking-ticket machines in car parks. Your parking history can be viewed within the app or through your personal account online. Parking couldn’t be more convenient.

We are also constantly aiming to improve our service – in the near future, PARK NOW will be available directly within your in-car navigation system and will enable you to reserve parking spaces in car parks.

Where can I use PARK NOW?

You can benefit from our constantly expanding network and experience our parking service in numerous cities and car parks across Germany and Austria. You can find a detailed list here.

PARK NOW is not yet available in my city. What can I do?

Our network [link_locations] of PARK NOW cities and car parks across Germany and Austria is constantly growing. We do hope to offer PARK NOW in your city soon.

Please let us know which city you live in and subscribe to our Newsletter to stay up-to-date. By doing so, you will be regularly informed about news regarding PARK NOW. You can subscribe to our Newsletter here [link_newsletter_registration].

Can I use my PARK NOW account in Germany and Austria?

Yes, your PARK NOW account can be used in Germany and Austria.

Is it possible to test the services of PARK NOW without registration?

Within Germany, you can use PARK NOW on-street without prior registration. Learn more about our instant-use here.

Registering for PARK NOW is for free and enables you to access all our services as e.g. parking in car parks. Why not test our services with the Silver package and pay per parking action (no monthly fee). More about our packages here.

Can I only use PARK NOW if I own a smartphone?

PARK NOW works also without smartphone. You can simply register through our webseite and create your own PARK NOW account. To begin and end a parking action on-street, you have the following options:

via phone call or SMS
– via your personal account on the website.

Would you like to use PARK NOW in car parks? Simply order a Car park access card via your account pages on the website. The parking action starts automatically when entering the car park.

Find an overview of your previous parking actions, invoices and personal information on your account pages on the website.

Can I use PARK NOW while driving a rental or leased vehicle?

PARK NOW can be used with rental and leased vehicles. Simply add the license plate of the rental or leased vehicle to your personal account and choose this vehicle before beginning your parking.

Please make sure to remove the license plate from the app as soon as the leasing or rental vehicle is no longer used.


Please note that in various cities you require a parking sticker for on-street parking. This sticker needs to be clearly visible attached behind the windscreen of your car. Download your PARK NOW Sticker for free.

Do you want to use PARK NOW off-street? Simply order a Car park access card via your account pages.

I do not have a driving license. May I use PARK NOW?

Of course. You can use our services without possessing a valid driving license.Click here to register

Corona Virus / COVID-19

Corona update

To ensure you have full confidence in our product and services during these challenging times, we would like to inform you about how PARK NOW is maintaining operations during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

The health and safety of our employees, customers, and partners is and always will be our top priority, with PARK NOW strictly adhering to government guidelines as the situation develops. This means our Belin office is minimally occupied, with operations taking place remotely to ensure everyone’s safety. As a tech company, digital working is embedded in our culture, so our services provided to customers will not be affected by this change.

For those cities adapting their parking space management to the current situation, we’re working hard to ensure these changes are quickly and accurately reflected in the PARK NOW app. That way, any fees you pay are always up-to-date with city guidelines. If anything changes, we’ll be sure to keep you informed.

Feel free to contact us at if you have any questions or concerns.


Stay safe and happy parking!

The PARK NOW team

How does PARK NOW work in the navigation system of my BMW vehicle?

PARK NOW is also available as an integrated application in the navigation system for all BMW vehicles with the BMW navigation system Professional and a production date from November 1st 2016.

When parking the vehicle at the roadside, PARK NOW automatically recognises chargeable parking zones and with one click the digital parking ticket can be activated directly from the vehicle.

The parking process is completed and paid for as soon as you start driving the vehicle again. In addition, the PARK NOW smartphone app provides an overview of parking time and parking costs at any time.

You can find more information on how to activate PARK NOW in your BMW here.

Also available for business customers within the business tariffs.

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