How much does PARK NOW cost and what are the different packages?

Parking fees vary among the different on-street locations and car parks.

Depending on which PARK NOW package you choose, a 0,29 EUR service fee or a monthly base fee of 2,99 EUR additionally applies. You can find a detailed overview of our packages here.

Does PARK NOW charge a registration fee?

You can register with PARK NOW free of charge at any time. No fees will arise during registration. You can find a detailed overview of our packages here.

Is there a set contract duration?

Silver package users do not have a set contract duration and can terminate the contract at any time. Gold users have a set contract duration of one month. The contract renews itself automatically at the end of the month. You can find a detailed overview of our packages here.

Can I change my PARK NOW package?

You can switch your PARK NOW package anytime via the app or your account pages on the website. You can find a detailed overview of our packages here.

Corona Virus / COVID-19

Corona update

To ensure you have full confidence in our product and services during these challenging times, we would like to inform you about how PARK NOW is maintaining operations during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

The health and safety of our employees, customers, and partners is and always will be our top priority, with PARK NOW strictly adhering to government guidelines as the situation develops. This means our Belin office is minimally occupied, with operations taking place remotely to ensure everyone’s safety. As a tech company, digital working is embedded in our culture, so our services provided to customers will not be affected by this change.

For those cities adapting their parking space management to the current situation, we’re working hard to ensure these changes are quickly and accurately reflected in the PARK NOW app. That way, any fees you pay are always up-to-date with city guidelines. If anything changes, we’ll be sure to keep you informed.

Feel free to contact us at if you have any questions or concerns.


Stay safe and happy parking!

The PARK NOW team

Price change for silver package users as of 01.01.2021


As of January 1st, the service fee for single transactions in the silver package will increase from 0.25 € to 0.29 €. The monthly subscription fee of 2.99 € in the gold package remains unchanged.


Why is the price per single transaction being increased?

Our costs increase yearly due to inflation. The PARK NOW service fee remained the same during the last years. In addition, PARK NOW continuously invests in the optimization and a more user-friendly design of the parking-app.

The improvements that were implemented in 2020 include the free activation of push reminders for ongoing parking processes, as well as Find & Park: The app function shows where drivers have the best chances of finding a free parking space. Find & Park has been available in Berlin since August and in Hamburg, Cologne and Frankfurt / Main since October. We are working hard to introduce Find & Park in further big cities in Germany.


Is the price increase related to Covid-19? 

No. PARK NOW introduces the price change due to inflation and to continue to work on new innovations that will make the app even better and easier to use.


Why is the price change 0,04 €?

The amount of 0,04 € allows us to compensate for effects of the inflation and to ensure the further development of our app. We try to keep any price change to a minimum. In comparison to the pricing of other parking apps, PARK NOW lies in the midrange.


When will I receive the first invoice with the adjusted service fee?

The price increase is effective as of 01.01.2021 and will therefore be becoming effective on your January invoice for the first time. You will receive the invoice within the first week of February 2021.

How can I change my package?

You can change your PARK NOW package at any time via the app or your personal account on the website. The easiest way to change your PARK NOW package is by using the PARK NOW app.

In the ‘Account’ tab, go to the category ‘My Plan’, then click on ‘Switch’ to select the new package.

You will then be shown an overview of our different packages which you can choose from.

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