Due to a bad internet connection I was unable to end the parking action. Will additional costs be refunded?

Unfortunately we cannot refund these costs. However, to guarantee a successful termination of a parking action, you have various options:

App: with just one push in the app

Park-Hotline: Start or stop your on-street parking session conveniently via our park-hotline. Simply follow the voice computer, enter the desired zone number and start your parking action.

Park-Hotline Germany: 0800 687 87 87
Park-Hotline Austria:   0800 65 66 55

SMS: For starting or stopping an on-street parking action via SMS, please send the following SMS-code to:

0049 (0)177 178 2213 (within Germany)
0043 (0)676 800 505 467 (within Austria)

SMS-Code start parking:
start [zone] [license plate] – Example SMS text message: “start 336007 MPN3338”

SMS-Code end parking:
stop [license plate] – Example SMS text message: “stop 336007 MPN3338”

Website: In your personal account via www.park-now.com

In the event that none of these options are available, please reach our customer service team: 0800 654 54 54 (from Germany) and 0800 65 66 88 (from Austria).