How does Find & Park work?

Find & Park predicts the chances of finding a free parking spot using dynamic and static data.

How do I turn on Find & Park?

Make sure you have the latest version of our app. In the app’s map view, you select the toggle button on the lower right-hand side of the screen and select the Find & Park overlay. Easy!

What does each colour mean in Find & Park?

When the function is enabled, the streets are displayed on the map in one of 5 colours. Each colour indicates the level of chance of finding an available parking space in that shown street. The colours are represented on a scale ranging from:

  • Green: easy
  • Light green: good chance
  • Yellow: worth a try
  • Orange: slim chance
  • Dark orange: difficult

Does Find & Park also cover free parking spaces?

Yes, Find & Park covers all on-street parking spaces, including free of charge parking.

Is Find & Park free of charge?

Yes, Find & Park is free of charge during its launch period and available to all our users.

Is Find & Park based on real-time data?

No. We collect the data required to calculate the probability via sensors that we attach to vehicle fleets that are already in the city (e.g. taxis). Cities are highly dynamic and the occupancy of parking spaces is constantly changing.

We think our probability model in practice is more useful for the driver than a real-time display of parking spaces which generally only shows a short time window in which a parking space is actually available. Streets do have individual occupancy patterns however, which are included in our calculations along with parking rules and restrictions that build our probability model.

Where does Find & Park work?

Find & Park is ready to use in Berlin, Cologne, Frankfurt am Main, Hamburg and more cities. We cover more than just the paid parking zones, as you can see in the covered areas of these cities below. More cities are constantly being added. Find a full overview of all cities Find & Park covers here.

Find and Park Berlin
Find & Park Frankfurt
Frankfurt am Main
Find & Park Hamburg
Find & Park Köln