How does parking by SMS work?

Parking by SMS is possible for all customers with a registered user account.

To start or end parking on-street via SMS, simply send the following SMS code to:

0049 (0) 177 178 2213 (within Germany)
0043 (0) 676 800 505 467 (within Austria)

Instructions for starting a parking process via SMS:
Start [zone] [vehicle registration number] For example: “start 336007 MPN3338”

Instructions for ending a parking process via SMS:
Stop [vehicle registration number] For example: “stop MPN3338”

Important to note:

– When parking with SMS, two SMS notifications are always billed at € 0.15 each (€ 0.30 total). The confirmation for the start and stop of the parking process is preset for SMS parking and cannot be deactivated.

– If you enter a new license plate number for your SMS parking process, it will automatically be added to your user account.

Here you can find a detailed overview of our tariffs.