How does parking via SMS work?

Parking via SMS is available for all customers with a registered customer account.

For starting or stopping an on-street parking action via SMS, please send the following SMS-code to:

0049 (0)177 178 2213 (within Germany)
0043 (0)676 800 505 467 (within Austria)

SMS-Code start parking:
start [zone] [license plate] – Example SMS text message: “start 336007 MPN3338”

SMS-Code end parking:
stop [license plate] – Example SMS text message: “stop 336007 MPN3338”


Please note:

– For SMS parkking two sms notiifications (€ 0.15 per sms) are charged on default. The confirmations start and stop parking action cannot be disabled.

– If you use a license plate that has not been registered yet, the license plate will automatically be added to your account. Depending on the package you are currently using, a service fee is charged.

Please find an overview of our tariffs here.