Advantages of digital parking

  • Save time and money when parking.
  • Reduce administrative work.
  • Clear separation between private and business parking.
  • Avoid parking fines.
  • Clear, up-to-date parking charge management.
  • Combined monthly invoice for all parking actions for your accounts department.
  • Online access to parking data.
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How it works

  1. Find a parking space.

    Look for the perfect parking space on the street or in a car park.

  2. Start the parking action in the PARK NOW app.

    On-street: the PARK NOW app automatically locates the vehicle in the correct parking zone. Press ‘START’ to activate the parking action.
    Car park: drive into one of our partner car parks with the PARK NOW Access Card.

  3. Stop the parking action and pay automatically.

    On-street: open the app and press ‘STOP’. The parking charges are paid automatically via the PARK NOW app and invoiced once a month.
    Car park: the parking action stops automatically when you exit and all the parking costs are paid cashlessly at the end of the month.

Choose the right tariff for your business

Business Business Premium
For occasional parking For frequent parking (more than 4 times per month)
Monthly fee €1.99 per user* €2.99 per user*
Cost per parking action €0.25* €0.00
Add registration** €0.41 per registration* €0.41 per registration*
Digital parking on the street and in car parks
Individual notification profile
Separation of business and private parking
User profile configuration
All parking actions on one monthly invoice
Invoice as PDF attachment

* Prices excluding VAT
**The first registration number you provide when registering your company is free.

* Prices excluding VAT
**The first registration number you provide when registering your company is free.

Choose Choose

Further options

Business Business Premium
Self-adhesive parking sticker
Car park Access Card €2.26 per card* €2.26 per card*
SMS notifications €0.13 per SMS* €0.13 per SMS*
* Prices excluding VAT

What you can expect

Save time and money
Start and end the parking action effortlessly using the PARK NOW app, and thereby avoid overpaying for parking. Even better, you avoid parking fines because you never underpay. It also saves you a walk to the ticket machine and therefore saves you time. Would you like to have ticket-free access to PARK NOW partner car parks? This is possible, with the PARK NOW Access Card.

Simplify parking charge administration
You pay all your employees’ parking charges through your PARK NOW business account on a monthly basis. This means:

  • Collective invoice with deductible VAT for all employees
  • No need to collect and save receipts or paper tickets
  • Processing your employees’ fines is a thing of the past

Keep control through the user-friendly ‘Business Portal’
The online management portal lets you inspect invoices at any time, create user profiles and manage your whole vehicle fleet.

Your data is safe with us ISO 27001, ISO 9001 und PCI-DSS.

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