Parking at the Alter Markt Bielefeld

Parking at the Alter Markt Bielefeld – How to park stress-free

Still looking for parking at the Alter Markt Bielefeld? Tired of of running back to the parking ticket machine, trying to find more loose change, and getting a new ticket? Use your time in the charming old town more productively! Go to a nice restaurant or on a shopping tour without constantly having to check your watch to make sure your parking ticket is still valid! This is all possible thanks to the PARK NOW app. Not only the parking itself, but also the search for a parking lot at Alter Markt in Bielefeld is so much easier. Just look at our overview map to find out exactly where you can find roadside parking at the Alter Markt Bielefeld. To start and stop your parking time just press start and stop in the app. Forget the parking ticket machine and invest your saved change in a steaming cup of coffee. Pay your accumulated parking fees at the end of the month by direct debit, Paypal or credit card. Forget receiving traffic tickets for overstaying in a parking space, it’s a thing of the past. And last but not least: save yourself time and the anxiety. PARK NOW makes parking a hassle-free venture. Register for free, download the smart app and you’re ready to go. Do not look far for a parking lot at the Alter Markt Bielefeld, plunge right into the best part!


Parking in Bielefeld: a breeze with PARK NOW!

Parking in Alter Markt Bielefeld is a piece of a cake with our PARK NOW app. You can focus on what you came for: spending an amazing day in the city! For example, visit Dr. Oetker world. On a guided tour you’ll be immersed in the history and tradition of the well-known food company and learn everything about the production process and the products. Who knows, you might even walk out with a lot snacks too for your journey!

Stay as long as you like, because thanks to your parking app you do not need to worry about running out of time. It’s helpful to note that digital parking is now possible in many cities in Germany as the number of parking garages in the country is being continuously expanded. Before your next city trip just make sure that your chosen destination is already available in PARK NOW and park without stress and without a ticket on the roadside or in a car park.

When parking on the street in Bielefeld  it is necessary to place a parking sticker behind the windshield of the vehicle.
More information can be found here. Order a parking sticker or download the parking sticker free of charge.

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14 April 2021
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20 April 2020
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4 February 2020
Enjoy cashless, ticketless and hassle-free parking in Zschopau, Ortenberg, Frohburg, Germersheim and Herne. Find out more about our locations here.
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