Parking in the centre of Stuttgart

Parking without Stress in the centre of Stuttgart

Have you heard of the innovative new app PARK NOW?  With PARK NOW you can find parking in the centre of Stuttgart not only without a ticket but also without stress.  Simply download the app, and our overview map gives you the exact layout of available parking garages you can park in in the centre of Stuttgart. The parking experience is taken to a new level with the app: never again will you need to purchase a ticket for parking. It eliminates the queueing at the ticket machine and the search for spare change. You save not only time and money every time you park, but also your nerves. At the end of the month you simply pay by direct debit, Paypal or credit card. Parking in the centre of Stuttgart: comfortable, time-saving, cashless, ticketless, and hassle-free.


Car park Stuttgart: Park ticketless with PARK NOW

In the car park in the centre of Stuttgart you will be able to park without stress and without a ticket with the convenient app from PARK NOW. Around the central station searching for a parking lot amid the many construction sites can be quite a difficult undertaking. Keep it simple and look at our overview map beforehand. There you can see in which of the many parking garages in the Centre of Stuttgart you can park. You could be within walking distance to all the important places in Stuttgart-Mitte. Have you ever been to the capital of Baden-Wuerttemberg? The cityscape is characterized by stunning hills and valleys, charming parks and green spaces, quaint churches and some prominent examples of post-war architecture. A great activity is going shopping in the Königsstraße in the centre. Make sure you also take a walk through the picturesque castle garden. This park is 600 years old and is the ideal place to unwind. Around the old and new castle you will find cute sidewalk cafes where you can linger. If you have the energy, visit the Staatsgalerie. With exhibits from the 14th century to the present, the complex is one of Germany’s most popular museums. Walk from tradition to modernity, admire masterpieces of Swabian Classicism as well as beautiful sculptures and assemblages. As you can see, there is so much to discover! Best to park your car stress-free in the centre of Stuttgart and fully indulge in the pleasures of sightseeing! With PARK NOW this is exactly what you can do – see for yourself!

What’s new: Changes to the app’s look & feel

14 April 2021
We’ve made a number of feature improvements in the app. From more visually-appealing maps to easier vehicle management, these updates ensure your in-app experience is as user-friendly as possible. Stay tuned for more in the upcoming months! What’s changed for users? Larger map interface for simpler searching To help you explore the map more easily when searching for a parking spot, we’ve expanded the map…
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NEW: Parking in Rostock-Warnemünde

20 April 2020
Enjoy cashless, ticketless and hassle-free parking in Rostock-Warnemünde. Find out more about our locations here.
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NEW: PARK NOW available in 5 additional locations

4 February 2020
Enjoy cashless, ticketless and hassle-free parking in Zschopau, Ortenberg, Frohburg, Germersheim and Herne. Find out more about our locations here.
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