Unique integration of parking payments in BMW cars with PARK NOW

German mobility takes a great step forward by making hassle-free and automatic parking fee payments directly from the dashboard. The integration of the mobile service PARK NOW with BMW ConnectedDrive allows cars to pay for on- and off-street parking. PARK NOW notifies the driver of a paid parking spot and automatically ends a parking session when driving away.

PARK NOW is the parking payment service that introduced cashless parking payments in April 2016 on mobile phones in Germany and Austria. “PARK NOW is the first service to bring digital parking payments to where they belong – the dashboard of the Connected Car,” explains Florian Schlieper, Managing Director PARK NOW. “With PARK NOW as part of the navigation process, driving and parking become less complicated and motorists save time and money. This is the next step towards a fully integrated and automated driving experience.”

In-car payments for parking.

From February 2017, every new BMW with ConnectedDrive Services and Navigation System Professional supports PARK NOW. This is the first integrated and automated in-car solution for parking payments:
• Based on GPS, PARK NOW automatically detects if a parking zone is subject to a charge, and the digital parking session can be activated with a single tap on the dashboard.
• When driving away, the parking session is automatically terminated and a cashless payment made. Motorists only pay for the actual time parked. Drivers only pay for the exact time they use.
• Car parks can also be located in the navigation system. Parking sessions start and end automatically with ticketless entry and exit at the barrier via Licence Plate Recognition (LPR) or via the PARK NOW Access Card.
• On-street parking enforcement is carried out by real-time licence plate checks to confirm a valid parking session.

Mobile parking payments with PARK NOW.

• PARK NOW facilitates mobile payments for parking. There’s no need for parking meters and motorists no longer have to carry pocketful of loose change.
• The PARK NOW service saves motorists money by charging per minute – no more guessing how long an appointment will last.
• The validity of the digital parking session is checked through the licence plate.
• With PARK NOW, car parks become ticketless and cashless. The licence plate or the PARK NOW Access Card is the entrance ticket and payment is settled afterwards via a monthly invoice.
• PARK NOW can be used for parking all cars by downloading the free app for Android and iOS. Registration is free. PARK NOW charges a 25ct service fee per parking transaction or, alternatively, 2,99€ as a monthly subscription which can be stopped at any time.


• Up to 30% of city traffic in Munich are cars trying to find a parking space.
• 55% of all cars in Berlin park outside on the street.
• It costs municipalities an average of 56ct to handle every cash parking transaction (secure cash collection and handling; administration; machine repairs etc).
• In the Netherlands, motorists save 20% in parking costs per session in comparison to parking costs by guessing the parking time at the meter. On average Dutch motorists save 7 minutes of precious time per parking session, because they don’t have to stand in line or search for the parking meter.
• In the UK, over 500 machines were removed by municipalities in 2016 as motorists find mobile parking payments quicker and easier.


PARK NOW is a comprehensive parking solution – providing a premium service for both on- and off-street parking. PARK NOW has one goal: to revolutionise the parking industry by making it cashless, ticketless and hassle-free. PARK NOW offers visitors of a city or car park a Premium Parking Experience, as well as giving parking providers the business intelligence they need. Better city parking means less traffic, less pollution and lower CO2 emissions for the environment, not to mention happy visitors in every city! PARK NOW offers peace of mind to motorists and councils all over the world.

Parkmobile and its brand PARK NOW are the leading providers for on-demand and prepaid mobile payments for on- and off-street parking. Their combined services are used in thousands of locations around the world, by millions of registered users. The brands are 100% part of the BMW Group, together with other NOW mobility services like DriveNow and ChargeNow. PARK NOW has been available in Germany and Austria since April 2016 in about 40 cities.

Contact for Media.

Julia Frank, Marketing & PR, julia.frank@park-now.com, +49 172 2977767.


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