Help! How do I survive rush hour and parking stress? Here are 6 tips.

German people are returning from their holidays and the roads are becoming busier and busier. During the summer holidays, rush hour news is often forgotten. Now you’re back to your alarm going off at 6 am and you need to keep track of the traffic news again. And if you work in the city, you’re sure to be familiar with the stress of trying to find an empty parking space.

These are the awful moments you’ve not missed during your holiday. Which is why we hope the following 6 tips help prolong the relaxed vacation feeling.

First off, two facts! Did you know…

… People spend 50 hours a year in a traffic jam in rush hour?

… Motorists spend 17 hours a year on average trying to find a free parking spot?

Tip 1. Rush hour sing-a-longs!

Why complain about a rush hour if you can sing along to your favorite song? Turn up the volume; open your window (or maybe not if you sing out of tune!) and sing. It’s guaranteed to put a smile on your face. All right, it might seem a little strange to other drivers, but who cares? To give you a little inspiration, we’ve built a Spotify playlist with our favorite songs for the road:

2. Audio books

Does singing in rush hour not suit you? Then maybe an audio book will. They might seem a little old fashioned, but they definitely have value. If it’s hard for you to find time to read a book in your free time, an audio book in a traffic jam is the perfect solution.

3. Explore your surroundings

If you happen to get into a traffic jam, take some time to look around. What kind of person is in that neighbouring BMW i3? Where does he work? Could he be married? Do you think he has kids? Why not create your own stories for the people around you? Imagination is a good distraction in boring situations.

4. Clean your mess

When you are completely stationery in a traffic jam, it’s a good time to clean up your car. Sweet papers, tickets and maybe some dusty cloths? Now you finally have some free time to clean up your mess.

5. You’re not the only single person here

Still single? Then use the rush hour to find a potential partner. Even if you’re already in a relationship, this might make for an enjoyable activity. Try your best flirting skills, because in a matter of seconds the prince or princess you’ve been dreaming about could be gone. Make eye contact, smile, wink or perhaps even talk to them through your open window. Hopefully it will make the traffic jam a lot more pleasant for everyone involved.

6. Park smart

Parking your car on street with paid parking? By using PARK NOW you can save at least 7 minutes of your time each and every time you park. Over a year, this extra free time almost amounts to an extra summer holiday of your own.

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